Saturday, May 23, 2020

Community Gardening One Solution for Curing Diabetes

To talk about the diabetic epidemic African Americans, Native Americans and Latinos and not include its companion obesity only paints half of the full picture (Lombard, Forster-Cox and Smeal) (Oregon Department of Human Services). The diabetes targeted in this discussion is type 2. Type 1 diabetes is genetically derived; it is the body’s inability to produce insulin (American Diabetes Association). This type usually affects children and young adults. Type 2 is caused by unhealthy eating and lifestyle choices over a period of time. This type usually is characteristic of older adults, but lately has been seen in older children (Oregon Department of Human Services). This problem is personal for me, as I have recently been diagnosed with†¦show more content†¦Too much of the general population does not recognize the correlation between food and health. In addition, when looking at diabetes, not everyone affected is at the poverty level. Statistics support that more people with diabetes are poor, but the middle working class are also at risk. One of the reasons is that they have brought into the propaganda that they should be able to eat what they can afford. Just recently I watched an episode of a reality television show called â€Å"Restaurant Impossible.† On the show an expert visits restaurants that are failing and going broke and provide the owners with new menu items, clean up when necessary, and provide an investment of ten-thousand dollars in a redesign of the restaurant. One of the new and improved menu items was smoked chicken; after smoking the chicken the chef then slathered butter on it, grilled it and covered it with barbeque sauce and served it with potatoes, and I don’t remember seeing a vegetable. Nevertheless, this is a prescription for disaster. Also consider the restaurant Applebee’s; I was shocked to find out that most of their entrà ©es are over a thousand calories and also slathered with butter and salt. I am afraid to eat there now. Middle-class Americans are frequenting these restaurants. Therefore making the change to healthier eating is a huge and difficult endeavor. Excess consumption of

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